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What to Expect

The first meeting takes approximately two hours. During this inquiry we will explore the individual ways in which the main complaint is expressing...............physically ,emotionally, mentally and energetically. The energetic pattern is what we are searching for. How does disharmony express and affect your life?

The information gathered will be researched and a single homeopathic remedy will be recommended. There are over 2,500 homeopathic remedies made from a vast variety of substances in nature and potentized to energetic form by homeopathic pharmacies. The recommended remedy will be ordered from one of these pharmacies and delivered to your address.

What to Expect After Treatment

This process could start with an intensification of the overall state or symptoms. It could start with a fever. It could start with an intense dream the night of taking the remedy.

These are temporary expressions of a resonance with the remedy and a positive sign. 'Like Cures Like' is the premise of homeopathy which actually means similar disease . The expression of the substance in nature is matched to the expression of a persons' state and symptoms. At this point the organism as a whole recognizes it's likeness, and energetically begins the process.

Whatever the resonance with the remedy, it is best to let it express without interference. For example, if there is a temporary return or intensification of symptoms or state....................allowing it to express without medication, herbs, or other theraputics is most useful for the process. If there is fever, just rest and drink liquids and allow it to pass off naturally. Should there be a dream in the first days after a remedy, write it down so we can look closely at its' expression during the follow up appointment.

The Process

Monthly follow ups are recommended and useful in the beginning of the process. Unraveling the state of disharmony allows the symptoms to gradually go, as they are expressions of the disharmony. The homeopathic remedy is the stimulus and the follow up review brings to light what is coming up to be noticed..............the awareness of what the symptoms were saying.

At times during the process the remedy will need to be changed or the potency adjusted. Each review will include evaluation of improvement and what is needed for continuing improvement. These are measured by the state of general energy and vitality, quality of sleep, stability of mood and what shifts there are in the original state and symptoms as well as a growing awareness and ability for self reflection.

As improvement continues follow ups could be every two or three months.

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