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Information About Integral Homeopathics

What is Integral Homeopathics?

A blend of Classical Homeopathy...a stimulus to the vital energy using plant, animal and mineral substances in potentized form, dreamwork...a way of conversing with our intuitive voice, and mindfulness / reflective process.

Remedies are individually matched to the body / mind / energy state expressed through symptoms.

LIKE CURES LIKE : the unique language of a symptom is an INVITATION to begin the conversation with ourselves on a deeper level.

WHAT ARE SYMPTOMS EXPRESSING ? : Where are we in disharmony?
What part of ourselves are we unaware of ? This exploration is integral to the homeopathic process............RESPONDING to the CALL .........the body, mind, spirit's longing for WHOLENESS.

The underground stream of innate intelligence summons our attention through the energetic pattern of our symptoms.

How does Integral Homeopathics work?

The process of the initial intake begins the inquiry into the disharmony. We are searching together for what the symptoms express. An individual homeopathic remedy will be suggested which works as a catalyst for the immune system and the individual's state as a whole. ' Like Cures Like' is the premise of homeopathy. A plant, mineral or animal substance similar to the state and expression of the disharmony, when taken in potentized form acts to stimulate our innate healing potential. Homeopathic Pharmacies use a process of diluting and shaking a substance, refining it to it's energetic healing properties.

The homeopathic remedy will be suggested either in a single dose or daily in water method depending on the individual needs.

After one month (or anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks for the first follow-up appointment) we will meet again to review the response and continue the process of inquiry, this time with the inclusion of the impressions or dreams which may have come up after the remedy, as well as the shifts in expression of the physical disharmony in the form of symptoms.

The process of unravelling the state of disharmony, going deeper toward its genesis and becoming aware of what it expresses, is possible with the individual homeopathic remedy. Monthly or bi-monthly follow-ups support this process.

Who benefits from homeopathic care?

Adults and children alike are appropriate and welcome to the practice of Integral Homeopathics.. The homeopathic conversation is a gentle but remarkably penetrating doorway into personal awareness and unraveling difficult states and symptom patterns.

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